Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to Increase Processor Speed

Processor speeds could be improved by moving circuits together and by using new semi conductor equipments. A lot of strategies are utilized to make PCs faster. The simple method below will allow you to become capable as to enhancing the speed of your PC. When buying a PC from the original manufacturer, the maker will likely comprise a manual that lists the computer specs. The best way of improving the processor speed will be to familiarize yourself w/ your PC's manual and use the manufacturer's PC support. Also, a lot of software functions are accessible to list and identify the PC processor.

Step 1
There are a lot of steps to improve your system performance or processor speed. See the "Upgrade Guide" of the PC's manual, based on the manufacturer/brand and model number. Other option is to call the customer support to know if your computer could be upgraded.

Step 2
Defragmentation is the key step that improves a processor speed. To do defragmentation, go to “My Computer”, click on drive C, click Properties, and select the option “Defragment Now”.

Step 3
This could decrease your processor speed if you turn the automatic updates on. Other reason is the majority of your Random Access Memory or RAM speed is utilized by the operating system of XP. If the supplies of your XP are improved then the OS may decrease speed. It doesn’t directly affect the speed of the processor. If you are click on Live Updates, then there might be possibilities of a virus going to your system

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