Saturday, October 31, 2009

What is a Multi-Function Printer?

Does anyone remember the days when printers were simple? It was a pleasant time, with the possible exception being that printing a document involved sending a noise through the building that sounded much like a railroad train flying off its track. If you were a home user, then it was almost impossible to do this at night because it woke up the entire household. In a business it was possible, but it did a great job of disrupting the work environment. The good old days.

Then there were the days of the scanner. Many people believed that this was a great invention, in fact few would argue against that viewpoint. It allowed documents to be instantaneously scanned into a computer for later viewing and even editing. This digitisation also meant that a person would be able to send their documents over long distances without needing to mail them. For instance, if you had a form that needed to be filled out, then you could send it without needing to mail it or pay the extra money for a fax line.; convenient, straightforward and incredibly fast.

Fax machines are yet another device that used to stand alone, as they were also able to send documents over long distances. But they did have one drawback; they required a separate phone line. That meant if you wanted to send documents, you had to be prepared to fork out extra money, which is a complication that was averted with the birth of the scanner.

All three of these are great devices, and many offices find it essential to have all of them. The problem is that separately they can get very expensive, whilst their combined bulk would possibly require a good deal of space, something that is often at quite a premium for the modern business. Enter the multi-function printer.

These devices combine all of the more popular office functions such as printing, scanning, faxing, and even color printing. If you purchase a decent printer, then you might find that you can actually print photo quality portraits which are great for advertising campaigns. Most multi-function printers even have fax machines built into them for those that actually use them.

There are many things that multi-function printers have to offer these days, and they have tons of different accessories. There are even some that are able to print directly off of a digital camera, without ever needing to connect to a computer. Other accessories might include paper trays and USB cables for faster connections. It all depends on what you need and what you can afford.

There are many different multi-function printers out there, and there are many different features. Just remember one thing; when buying a multi-function printer try not to make price an object simply because you're going to be stuck with this device for a long time-make it a good one!

A multi-function printer is something of a hybrid. It has combined so many useful technologies and, thanks to the developments in product design and materials, they are able to perform each function as good as any standalone model. It can sit at the centre of your office and serve all of your businesses needs impeccably.

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